Witness Training
Witness Training

Your case is only as strong as your weakest fact witness. Ph.D. behavioral experts teach witnesses to control their emotions and demeanor for optimal performance.

Settlement & Trial Research
Settlement &
Trial Research

Assess your case early and maximize settlement and verdict outcomes with focus groups, mock trials, and jury consulting services from litigation research experts.

Litigation Support
Litigation Support

Earn back time. Free up your legal team from mundane, non-legal tasks including third-party records retrieval, court reporting, and deposition scheduling.

Crisis Consulting
Crisis Consulting

A crisis can easily spin out of control. Preparedness, media relations, and crisis management are critical. Our critical communications experts help mitigate future litigation.

Is your litigation plan
ready for the unexpected?

Witness Preparation - Courtroom Sciences, Inc.
Can your case survive an unhinged witness?
Litigation Frustration - Courtroom Sciences, Inc.
Could your litigation process be less frustrating?
Litigation Accuracy - Courtroom Sciences, Inc.
How accurately can you predict the outcomes of your settlements and trials?
Crisis Management - Courtroom Sciences, Inc.
Does your corporate crisis plan minimize litigation risk?

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The stakes are too high to take chances.

CSI understands what’s at risk in your litigation. The pressure, stress, and dangers are intense and nuclear verdicts are only one bad jury away. Our science-based methodology was created to alleviate these problems. By putting clients first and placing scientific data at the heart of everything we do, we deliver actionable insights to mitigate the risks that lead to devastating outcomes. Our staff of Ph.D. professionals and litigation support experts have earned us the trust of numerous Fortune 500 and BigLaw clients, as well as countless smaller companies and firms. Together, our goal is to help you achieve superior litigation outcomes.

What would your outcomes look like if
you rethought your litigation approach?


Our science-based approach to
data collection and analysis by
Ph.D.-level researchers ensures
you can trust the results
that drive your decisions.


Trained social and neuroscience
experts have experience in
modifying the behavior of witnesses
and predicting the decisions of
jurors with scientific validity.


Third-party records retrieval, court
reporting, and deposition scheduling
services are completed by an
experienced team so you can focus
on more pressing legal matters.


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When your goal is to win.

You want the absolute best outcome possible, every single time. But winning isn’t guaranteed. The pressures of deadlines, time, opposing counsel, inexperienced witnesses, unique cases, stakeholder demands and high-stakes outcomes create incredible stress and uncertainty. There is a better way.

CSI has been helping address these litigation challenges for over 30 years including some of the most notable national cases. With our team of experts you can:

You deserve to be confident in delivering superior litigation outcomes. CSI has the expertise, track record, and capabilities to help you win.

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