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Why Clients Choose CSI®

Less Stress

Efficiency, dependability, and exceptional service reduce stress on you and your team so you can stay focused on the details of your case.


Our Ph.D. litigation experts have worked on thousands of cases and understand the training and research required to modify and predict human behavior to deliver the best outcomes.


When your team includes research and psychology experts whose sole focus is to deliver results, you can be confident that you’re positioned for the best outcomes for your case.

Better outcomes

The goal is to win. Our litigation support and research teams are dedicated to delivering the best discovery support and science to maximize your success.

Your case, your reputation.
You deserve superior data and support services:

When you work with CSI, you have access to a team of leading experts in science, research, psychology, and litigation support whose sole objective is to help you achieve superior outcomes for every case. From Top Law firms to Fortune 100 corporations, legal teams have leveraged CSI expertise for over 30 years to strengthen their litigation practice and protect their clients' interests. Our goal is the same as yours, make your litigation less stressful and more predictable with efficient, dependable support services and science-backed resources that equip you for the very best outcomes.

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Witness Training
Witness Training

Your case is only as strong as your weakest fact witness. Ph.D. behavioral experts teach witnesses to control their emotions and demeanor for optimal performance.

Settlement & Trial Research
Settlement &
Trial Research

Assess your case early and maximize settlement and verdict outcomes with focus groups, mock trials, and jury consulting services from litigation research experts.

Litigation Support
Litigation Support

Earn back time. Free up your legal team from mundane, non-legal tasks including third-party records retrieval, court reporting, and deposition scheduling.

Crisis Consulting
Crisis Consulting

A crisis can easily spin out of control. Preparedness, media relations, and crisis management are critical. Our critical communications experts help mitigate future litigation.

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