Litigation Assessment
Litigation Assessment

Generate the most scientifically valid estimates of litigation risk and exposure for deriving settlement strategies and decisions.

Focus Groups
Focus Groups

Test the elements of your client’s case – the litigants, evidence, themes, and witnesses - to know early how they are likely to be viewed by a jury.

Mock Trials
Mock Trials

Conduct a realistic simulation and allow jurors to deliberate over a jury charge to scientifically predict liability and potential range of damages.

Jury Selection
Jury Selection

Apply psychometric methodology to fully assess juror profiles in voir dire. Learn about pre-existing biases to compose the optimal jury.

Does your case outcome depend on your gut or on science?

Do you have the information you need to answer the critical questions?

  • Does the cost/benefit data back a decision to litigate?
  • Can you predict the winning argument for the judge or jury?
  • How do you know the jury won’t deliver a nuclear verdict?
  • Are you leaving money on the table in your settlement negotiations?
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Dollars, reputation, and trust. They are all on the line in your case.

The decision to litigate doesn’t come without costs, and not just financial ones. The stress, time, and risk to personal and business reputations and outcomes can be devastating. CSI understands the pressures and when you face them, you deserve every opportunity to win. For over 30 years, litigators and in-house teams have trusted CSI’s scientific approach to research strategies to deliver the best outcomes. From initial case assessments, to mock trials and jury selection, we are committed to helping you and your client win.

Why work with us:

Seasoned Experts

Ph.D.-level litigation research and psychology professionals deliver the appropriate and most predictive research programs.


Early jury research produces valuable data to drive critical decisions in settlement negotiations and trial strategy, resulting in better financial outcomes.

Proven Methodology

Our scientifically-valid research delivers invaluable insights, eliminating guesswork, and avoiding nuclear outcomes.







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Build a Winning Plan

We build and execute a research program that meets the particular needs of your case and client.

Step 3

Experience Superior Outcomes

Remove hunches and gut from the equation and know you’re getting the best possible information and outcomes.

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