Litigation Support

Efficient and dependable support from expert
staff throughout the discovery phase.

Record Retrieval
Record Retrieval

Engage our skilled team to  contact custodians to retrieve any type of third-party record, quickly and accurately.

Court Reporting
Court Reporting

Access an experienced network of certified court reporters, videographers, and interpreters, for virtual or in-person needs.


Fast and easy bookings of any resource needed for remote or in-person depositions, mediations, or hearings.

Are you frustrated with your records retrieval provider? Do you need an experienced, reliable, and accurate court reporter? Try CSI.

Could your team have more efficient support services?

  • Are paralegals spinning their wheels following up on records or sourcing qualified court reporters?
  • Do shifting plans and priorities drain your legal staff of focused research and case planning?
  • Is lack of visibility into the status of orders time consuming and frustrating?
Litigation Support Services - Courtroom Sciences, Inc.

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Work smarter not harder:

We know how critical but exhausting non-legal tasks like record retrieval and deposition scheduling can be. Our team of litigation support experts have decades of experience with these tasks, managing them daily for clients large and small all across the country. We believe that your clients benefit most from you and your paralegals focusing on the vital legal activities of your case and letting us handle the non-legal chores that drain your time.






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Record Retrieval

Save time and stress with third-party record retrieval services from CSI.


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