Fact Witness Training
Fact Witness Training

Our psychology experts deliver a sophisticated neuro-cognitive training that prevents your witness from making errors that can devastate your case.

Corporate Representative Training
Corporate Representative Training

Evaluate and train corporate rep candidates to serve in that role, ensuring their testimony performance is well-received.

Expert Witness Training
Expert Witness Training

Train expert witnesses on the nuance of remaining faithful to their opinions without appearing to be unreasonable, agitated, or condescending.

Anti-Reptile Training
Anti-Reptile Training

Traditional witness prep does not prepare witnesses for manipulative reptile questions. Our behavioral experts help witnesses thwart plaintiff reptile attacks.

Is your witness prepared to respond to ruthless reptile tricks from trained plaintiff's attorneys?

Witness Preparation Consultants - Courtroom Sciences, Inc.

Do you know the cost of a nervous or emotional witness?

  • 95% of damaging or ineffective testimony can be traced to two neuro-psychological errors:
    Cognitive Processing
    Emotional-Survival Response
    Is your witness ready to deal with both?
  • Testifying at deposition or trial is a foreign experience for most witnesses, and opposing counsel takes advantage of that. Is your witness mentally prepared?
  • Jurors question the believability of witnesses who display poor body language, nervousness, or who succumb to the fight-or-flight response during questioning. Is your witness trained to overcome these psychological issues?

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The success of your case is tied to the performance of your witness.

Your legal team has put in an incredible amount of time and preparation to build your case, assemble evidence and experts, and prepare opening and closing statements, but what about your witnesses: Are they ready to battle experienced opposing counsel and testify in a high-stakes trial?

CSI understands that a well-built case can fall to pieces with a nervous, unhinged, or poorly spoken witness. Our Ph.D.-level litigation consultants run a psychology-based witness training program that is designed to help rehabilitate and prepare even the most difficult and dubious witnesses, leaving them poised, confident, and persuasive. The ROI is obvious when you know that a single, rattled witness can disproportionately impact settlement and trial outcomes and result in a nuclear verdict. Don’t let a weak link take your case apart; prepare them with our proven neuro-cognitive witness effectiveness training program, trusted by thousands of litigators across the country.

Why work with us:

Unmatched Expertise

All our consultants hold Ph.D.s in clinical, behavioral, or social psychology and are experts in the science of modifying human behavior.

Experience and Success

We train hundreds of witnesses annually for all types of civil litigation cases (med mal, trucking, IP, construction defect, product liability) with specialized programs for Healthcare Professionals, Truck Drivers, Safety Directors, and Corporate Reps.

Distinctive Programs

We do not take a one size fits all approach; each training is developed based on the specific witness, their role and emotional state, and the circumstances of the case.






Years in Business

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Step 3

Experience Superior Outcomes

Secure your case and prevent nuclear outcomes with a composed and prepared witness who won’t be baited by opposing counsel.

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