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    Courtroom Sciences, Inc., is the most trusted source for savvy Memphis litigation support. We help in all areas of the litigation process from trial preparation to post-trial interviews and everything in between.

    We’ve been providing litigation support in Memphis TN for decades and know what it takes to help your case have a successful outcome.

    You can’t do it alone

    It doesn’t take long practicing as an attorney to learn this simple truth. Surrounding yourself with competent paralegals and office support staff is certainly crucial when balancing multiple cases, but it is typically not enough.

    In complex cases, the help of a Memphis TN litigation consultant can be invaluable in keeping everything straight and preparing well for trial.

    What we do

    As previously mentioned, we can help in every area of your trial preparation — as much or as little as you choose. Some areas in which we provide Memphis litigation support include:

    • Deposition services: Maintaining detailed records of depositions are vital to any form of litigation, as it will be references frequently during potential court proceedings. Not only do we keep these records, but we can provide them on a real time basis for legal team members spread throughout the world.
    • Witness preparation: One of the areas in which we excel as Memphis litigation consultants is witness preparation. We will make sure there are no surprises once your witness gets in front of a camera or jury and that the truth is not masked by unintentional witness actions.
    • Graphic/animation design: Both graphics and animations can help make complex concepts more approachable and understandable for a jury or judge.
    • Record retrieval: This form of litigation support in Memphis TN can spare your team much time and heartache. The logistics of tracking down and making available important documents will be handled in stride by our staff.

    Not only can we help in all areas as your Memphis litigation support, but we can do so within the limitations of your budget. To learn more, contact us today.

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