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    Today, Miami court reporters do so much more than simply type up transcripts. The field has become much more technical, and the court reporters in Miami FL at Courtroom Sciences are keeping up in stride. Learn the many ways our services can benefit you and your clients.

    Services we offer

    • Transcripts: One of the most basic functions of our Miami court reporters includes recording transcripts for your depositions, arbitrations, mediations and more. Having a written record not only strengthens your case, but is necessary for court.
    • Audio/visual: More recently, the use of audio/visual equipment has become popular among attorneys for recording a variety of legal functions. A new technology in this area is Realtime reporting. Courtroom Sciences is proud to offer an experienced Miami Realtime deposition reporter to help bring your whole case together. 

    Benefits of Realtime reporting

    • Catch your opponent off guard — The technology is so new and advanced that it can throw off your opposition
    • Secure, real-time broadcasting
    • Instantly receive input from authorized team members anywhere in the world
    • Everyone on your team has an opportunity to view the witness
    • Drastically reduce your travel expenses

    One of the best things about our Miami FL Realtime depositions is that they can take place with just a broadband connection and web browser. Therefore, it is possible to broadcast such a deposition from nearly anywhere in the world to nearly anywhere else in the world.

    Your case will have a serious advantage over the opposition, and your team will feel better prepared in the long run.

    Hire the best

    The best court reporters in Miami FL are those with the most experience. With decades worth of experience and extensive knowledge of new technology, there really is only one option for your court reporting services.

    To learn more about the specific services we offer, or the qualifications of our Miami court reporters, contact our staff.

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