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CSINet provides a personalized, secure, online web repository that is secure for your designees on your trial team, by case. The entire litigation team can view a calendar of case events, transcripts, exhibits and searchable, synchronized video at anytime, from the web. Notifications that materials are available via email as soon as they are completed.

Our system allows you to securely and quickly provide us with information and upload a notice, case pleadings and other key documents and data. CSI coordinates everything else. Confirmations issue via email within 24 hours, periodic updates via email that include reporter and videographer contact information are also available.

CSI formats video and exhibits for ease of use and review. All deposition videos are synchronized to the transcript and included as standard practice in one convenient location. Exhibits are also linked to the transcript text as a standard practice – simply click on a hyperlinked word in the transcript to view the exhibit.

CSI also provides realtime transcript text and deposition videos. View the live text and video, and privately chat between members of the litigation team in a secure environment. LiveNote, Summation, and other standard softwares provide the ability to walk away from the deposition with a rough transcript.

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