Early Anti-Reptile Tactics May Save Millions of Dollars

The Role of the Litigation Psychologist and Why It Matters

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The introduction of “Reptile Tactics” (Ball and Keenan, 2009) has been associated with a noteworthy approach to cross-examination of witnesses by plaintiffs that is particularly relevant in the context of the present discussion. Ball and Keenan have operationalized a system of phrasing and structuring cross-examination questions that lulls the witness into a state of complacency and induces the witness to agree to broad and general “safety rules” that ultimately trap the witness into admitting malfeasance or negligence by virtue of the violation of such rules.

In this article understand:

  • Why the Reptile approach has been so effective
  • The economic impact of the Reptile Theory with examples
  • The implications for clients, litigators, and insurance companies
  • How to protect clients from falling victim to Reptile attacks

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