The Reverse Reptile: Turning the Tables on Plaintiff's Counsel

Since 2009, Don Keenan and David Ball, the Reptile founders, claim to have generated over $8 billion in settlements and verdicts. While that figure is staggering, it is very important to know that several well-prepared defendants have crushed the Reptile attack in several areas of litigation. These defendants and their attorneys have adopted their own “anti-Reptile” tactics that have been highly effective in discovery and trial. On the 10-year anniversary of the plaintiff’s Reptile Revolution, with no end in sight and their membership bursting at the seams, it is vital for the defense bar to understand the past and plan for the next 10 years of Reptile maneuvers. Key individuals and entities have empirically studied the evolving Reptile methodology and have tracked and defeated newer Reptile tactics. Disseminating this information, as well as newest Anti-Reptile” tactics across the defense bar is essential to future success. This presentation covers the newest of these tactics called the “Reverse Reptile,” in which defense counsel can turn the tables on the plaintiff, experts, or other parties in a case.