Episode #111 - Alternative Causation plus more Frequently Asked Questions

In this episode Dr. Steve Wood and Dr. Bill Kanasky, Jr. discuss the importance of alternative causation, plus answer podcast viewer and listener questions. Steve and Bill talk about how jury research demonstrates that jurors don't care that the plaintiff has the burden of proof on causation and that human information processing requires them to identify cause. Because of this, defense attorneys must help jurors by providing alternative causation considerations in order for jurors to move to considering damages. Steve and Bill share their insights on planting seeds for your case in voir dire to ensure jurors will follow the judge's instructions and the value of using mock trials to test liability well before trial. 

Questions asked and answered in this episode:

- Can multiple witness be trained at one time and how does that work?

- Does a juror's social media activity have an impact on verdicts?

- How have damage awards changed since the onset of Covid?

- Does social inflation cause nuclear verdicts?