Episode #131 - Advantages and Importance of Early Case Management

Guest: Mike Bassett, Senior Partner - Bassett Law FIrm

Mike Bassett, Senior Partner, The Bassett Law Firm joins Dr. Bill Kanasky, Jr. and Dr. Steve Wood to talk about early case management, the timing of working up a case, and what is best to do first and early. Early case management sets the tempo and helps gain momentum for the defense. Mike shares how in the first 30-60 days of a case conducting focus groups always him to know what resonates with jurors and what doesn't and the value of interviewing witnesses early. Mike talks about how defense attorneys need to educate their clients and carriers on why they need to be investing in this early case management, research, and witness prep. There is significant, tangible value in having juror perspectives while discovery is still open and before witnesses have testified. The plaintiff's bar tests cases at an exponentially higher rate than the defense bar and will test discrete issues to learn what will resonate with jurors. Bill, Steve, and Mike also discuss the characteristics of strong plaintiff attorneys: always pushing the file; always have a plan; develop their themes early; focus group cases early; create maximum risk and leverage in every deposition; are detailed oriented and very prepared.