Episode #152 - Anatomy of a Defense Verdict Against a Pro Se Litigant

Guest: Zack Fletcher, Senior Associate - Wood, Smith, Henning, & Berman

Zack Fletcher, Senior Associate with Wood, Smith, Henning, & Berman in Chicago joins Dr. Bill Kanasky, Jr. to talk about a recent unique jury trial in which Zack had to defend his client against a pro se litigant in Cook County, Illinois.  

Zack shares details of the litigation process, including the fact that there were very few settlement negotiations that took place and the plaintiff decided to proceed pro se with very limited discovery. Because the plaintiff was pro se, the court gave the plaintiff lots of leeway which made defending the case even more challenging. Multiple motions in limine were filed with the majority denied. Zack describes his approach with jury selection, particularly in contrast to the plaintiff, and also shares what his thought process was for drafting his opening statement. The jury only deliberated for about an hour and came back with a defense verdict.