Episode #165 - Myths and Truths about Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

Guest: Dr. Kyle Boone, Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr. Kyle Boone, Clinical Neuropsychologist and Clinical Professor at UCLA, joins Bill Kanasky, Jr., Ph.D. to talk about Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) in litigation. TBI claims are increasing exponentially and Dr. Boone gives an overview of concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries and discusses assumptions, myths, and truths about the diagnosis of a mild TBI. Dr. Boone and Dr. Kanasky, Jr. discuss how these issues play out in litigation, what defense attorneys need to be aware of in TBI cases, juror assumptions about concussions, and how to best utilize and cross-examine expert witnesses in TBI litigation. Contact Dr. Boone at kboone@kyleboonephd.com.