Episode #173 - The Gig Economy

Guests: Jacqueline Altman, Partner - Naman Howell & Jason Goodnight, Partner - FFQGR+W

Jacqueline Altman, Partner at Naman Howell & Jason Goodnight, Partner at Fraden, Farris, Quillin, Goodnight, Roberts + Ward join Steve Wood, Ph.D. to talk about the gig economy. They discuss the complications and challenges from a litigation perspective for this growing, but still relatively new, industry. Jacq and Jason describe what the gig economy is, how broad it is, and how little case law exists today specific to the gig economy. The group discuss the similarities and differences of gig economy litigation when compared to other areas such as transportation or patent law. Jacq, Jason, and Steve also talk about how the plaintiffs bar has become more aggressive in targeting gig economy companies, what gig economy companies need to look for in their corporate representatives, and how to address jurors who may not be as familiar with gig economy companies and practices.