Episode #174 - Plaintiff Trucking Attorney Joe Fried - Part 1

Guest: Joe Fried, Founding Partner - Fried Goldberg

Plaintiff trucking attorney Joe Fried, Founding Partner of Fried Goldberg LLC, joins Bill Kanasky, Jr., Ph.D. to talk about a wide range of topics in trucking litigation including the importance of sincere and effective communication in the litigation process, the definition of a nuclear verdict, how Joe approaches a case from the outset, and how juror anger is only one of the factors influencing nuclear verdicts. Bill and Joe also discuss the hesitancy on the defense side of settling, the staggering differences between the plaintiff and defense bars regarding communication, training, and sharing of information, how clients pressure defense attorneys to take cases to trial even when it is best to settle, and their perspective on jury selection and how less is more in opening statements.