Episode #182 - Deepfakes in Litigation

Fred I. Lederer, Director of the Center for Legal & Court Technology (CLCT) and Daniel Shin, Cybersecurity Researcher for CLCT join Steve Wood, Ph.D. to discuss the topic of deepfakes in litigation. Fred and Daniel provide the background and history of CLCT and how the center has expanded its focus to new and emerging technologies including machine learning and AI. Daniel defines what a deepfake is, how deepfake technology is being used and applied, and the group discuss the implications of deepfakes on litigation. Fred brings up the impact on admissibility of evidence as well as the larger concern of the triers of fact not believing whether any digital, video, photographic, or physical evidence is real. Daniel shares how some companies have been creating technology to authenticate digital content to aid in dealing with deepfakes, though this technology is still in its infancy at this time so education on what is happening with deepfake technology is key in the legal space. Lastly, Fred and Daniel share details about the courtroom at William & Mary Law School, which is considered to be the most technologically advanced courtroom in the country. Learn more about CLCT here: https://law.wm.edu/academics/intellectuallife/researchcenters/clct/