Episode #190 - Health & Fitness in the Trucking & Transportation Industry

Dr. Mark Manera, Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Fitness, joins Bill Kanasky, Jr., Ph.D. to talk about fitness in trucking and transportation. Mark is a physical therapist and founded his company after identifying the level of unhealthiness in the trucking industry. Bill and Mark discuss the challenges with helping transportation companies understand the value and return on investment in health and physical fitness programs and how Mark has been addressing some of the objections to costs for these types of programs. Mark describes the programs his company offers including exercise, nutrition, and coaching and how he works to make things simple and accommodating for drivers such as exercises that can be done outside the truck, inside the truck, etc. He also provides nutritional guidance and healthy options for eating while on the road. Lastly, Bill and Mark talk about the impact of small changes, sleep hygiene, and the importance of rest.