Episode #192 - The Fallacy Behind Humanizing the Corporation for Jurors

Steve Wood, Ph.D. & Bill Kanasky, Jr., Ph.D. talk about the misperception that humanizing the corporation is valuable and relevant to jurors. Often, defense counsel and the companies they represent want to talk at trial about how their company is made up of individuals just like the jurors, how much the company gives in charity, how many volunteering activities they do, and more. Steve and Bill debunk the assumption that time spent humanizing the company will make jurors more sympathetic toward the company. Talking  about all of the things the company does that "humanizes" them is a waste of valuable time and doesn't resonate with jurors. Rather, the way that the corporate rep for the company presents at deposition and trial is much more important than focusing on the humanizing the company. The person representing the company needs to be authentic, caring, compassionate, etc. and this will be much more meaningful and impactful with jurors than a company "commercial" that tries to humanize the company.