Episode #197 - Making an Accident Plan

Guest: Brendan Dawson, Founder - Accident Plan

Bill Kanasky, Jr., Ph.D. is joined by Brendan Dawson, Founder of Accident Plan, to talk about how the Accident Plan software helps guide truck drivers to manage and secure an accident scene when an incident occurs and capture the critical data to be shared with others offsite. Brendan shares how the training for truck drivers using Accident Plan allows them to be more prepared and follow a process and checklist when dealing with an accident. Bill and Brendan talk about the return on investment on being proactive and getting stakeholders informed quickly and early so that claims can be handled effectively and at the lowest possible cost in terms of money and time. Brendan also discusses the work he does in private investigation for both the defense and plaintiff side. Brendan offers his advice to defendants to investigate yourself; to know your own weaknesses and shortcomings before opposing counsel does it for you.