Episode #203 - Med Mal Litigation Part 3 - Med Mal Litigation Consulting

Guest: Jeff Willis, MD, Owner/Physician Consultant - On-Call MedLegal Consulting

Jeff Willis, MD, Owner/Physician Consultant of On-Call MedLegal Consulting joins Bill Kanasky, Jr., Ph.D. to talk about consulting for medical malpractice attorneys. Dr. Willis specializes in pre-litigation and pre-trial services, working as a member of the legal team from intake through resolution. Dr. Willis provides case merit analysis, precision medical expert matching, case strategy development, and deposition preparation. Jeff and Bill discuss expert witnesses, the differences between a D.O and M.D., legal nurse consultants, and the differences between plaintiff attorneys and defense attorneys in how they manage medical malpractice cases, Lastly, Jeff and Bill share their fears and concerns about healthcare in the future.