Episode #205 - Med Mal Litigation Part 4 - Preparing Higher Level Nurses

In part 4 of our medical malpractice litigation series, Ava Hernandez joins Bill Kanasky, Jr., Ph.D. to discuss preparing mid to higher-trained nurses for deposition testimony. BSNs, MSNs, Nurse Practioners, Nurse Managers, Charge Nurses, and similar nurses have significant responsibilities and often come into their deposition with a different perspective than an LPN or less-experienced nurse might and therefore must be prepared and handled differently during deposition prep. Ava and Bill discuss how sometimes these nurses have to contend with blame that may come from the plaintiff and/or the plaintiff's family, from physicians, or even from other nurses and that some nurses may react with guilt, shame, and anxiety to the adverse patient outcome and the litigation itself. Ava and Bill talk about how critical it is for attorneys to understand the emotional burden these nurses are carrying when working with them in deposition prep and take into account the human aspect of what is going on with the witness.