Episode #207 - Med Mal Litigation Part 5 - Mediation in Medical Malpractice

Guest: Kristi Harrington, Certified Mediator and Arbitrator - Kristi Harrington Dispute Resolution

Kristi Harrington, Certified Mediator and Arbitrator with Kristi Harrington Dispute Resolution, joins Bill Kanasky, Jr., Ph.D. to discuss mediation and alternative dispute resolution in medical malpractice cases. Kristi shares her background and the help she offers clients with alternative dispute resolution and mediation. They talk about issues they encounter in medical malpractice cases and ways to get the most favorable and reasonable outcomes in mediation.

Kristi and Bill also cover what to look for when hiring a mediator including someone who understands the medical field, someone who can be empathetic to both parties, and someone who is committed to the process to ensure there is an acceptable resolution for all parties. Bill and Kristi discuss the criticality of early assessment of cases with data from mock jurors to help with case preparation and not simply using prior verdicts or similar cases in that jurisdiction. Lastly, they talk about the importance of having a good presentation for the mediator and helping the mediator understand the nuances of your case which aids them in doing their job.