Episode #208 - Misperceptions and Best Practices for the Defense

Guests: Shane O'Dell - Naman, Howell, Smith and Lee & Mike Bassett - The Bassett Firm

Shane O'Dell, Member, Naman, Howell, Smith, and Lee & Mike Bassett, Trial Attorney, The Bassett Firm, join Steve Wood, Ph.D. to talk about some of the misperceptions of the defense bar. The group discuss what the Reptile Theory is really all about and that the purpose of the Reptile Theory is less about scaring the jury and more about empowering them. 

Mike, Shane, and Steve discuss the evolution of Reptile to The Edge and what is different about The Edge from Reptile Theory, as well as what they are seeing as best practices from strong plaintiff attorneys. The group also talk about the importance of establishing a relationship with your defense witnesses, how best to approach opening statements, and the value in testing with focus groups and mock trials. Lastly, they discuss counter-anchoring, how to approach providing an alternate damage figure for the jury, admitting liability, and humanizing the corporate defendant.