Episode #212 - Report from the Trenches - Q1 2024

Steve Wood, Ph.D. & Bill Kanasky, Jr., Ph.D. join host Ava Hernandez to talk about what they have been seeing in the cases they have been working on recently. Steve shares that he's been seeing more jurors who are expecting fact witnesses to remember all details from the incident and talks about how to address this issue. The group discuss the pros and cons of the legal strategy of withholding documents from witnesses or not showing witnesses videos or other documents prior to their deposition, in particular corporate reps. Bill shares an insight he recently heard from a successful plaintiff attorney: cases are win or lost in the first or second deposition. Steve, Bill, and Ava talk about how many witnesses get so upset about personal questions asked at deposition and how it needs to be handled. They also share a positive trend they have been seeing of more attorneys and clients doing early assessments on their cases, sometimes even before a suit is filed or before depositions have been scheduled. Lastly, they talk about seeing some encouraging signs of sharing and collaboration on the defense side and more of a focus on the mental health of witnesses.