Episode #41 - Nuclear Verdicts

Trucking Attorney Doug Marcello

In this special edition of The Litigation Psychology Podcast, Trucking Litigation Attorney Doug Marcello interviews Dr. Bill Kanasky on the subject of nuclear verdicts. They discuss the definition of a nuclear verdict and what causes a nuclear verdict to occur, including the impact of Reptile and witness testimony on nuclear verdicts. Doug and Bill also take a deep dive into the importance of using the scientific method in trial research, why hunches or previous verdicts in the venue are fraught with limitations, and why claims adjusters should leverage scientifically gathered data before writing settlement checks. They also tackle the criticality of collecting jury data via a written survey vs oral voir dire, the implications of Covid-19 and social unrest on juror perceptions, and why corporations and insurance companies need to be more aggressive and take control early, especially in light of how aggressive the plaintiff's bar continues to be.