Episode #43 - Healthcare Litigation

Guest: Attorney John E. Hall, Jr.

In this episode of The Litigation Psychology Podcast, Dr. Bill Kanasky is joined by Atlanta area trial attorney John E. Hall, Jr., Partner, Hall Booth Smith to discuss healthcare litigation. Bill and John talk about birth injury cases and the importance of understanding the basics of the medical aspects of the case, as well as the emotions of the family and the nurses and healthcare staff in these cases. They also discuss their perspective on giving healthcare workers the freedom to defend themselves based on the legal standard, not the medical standard, and what that means, especially in light of the emotional issues in these cases. In addition, they highlight the importance of a joint defense meeting in cases involving multiple defendants and in finding common ground; how the plaintiff's bar is driving nuclear (or aberration) verdicts; what the defense bar should be doing to train young lawyers; the power of anchoring damages and the strategy to attack damages; and the importance of early case assessment and providing a damages offer early, and more.