Episode #44 - Healthcare Litigation

Guest: Attorney Jason Long

Jason Long, Attorney with London | Amburn Attorneys at Law joins the podcast to discuss several healthcare litigation topics. Jason and Dr. Bill Kanasky talk about what the impacts of Covid-19 have been - both good and bad - on witness training, depositions, and some lessons learned thus far. They also chat about the importance of talking to healthcare professionals on how to answer questions about documentation, and setting expectations around documentation, to prevent from being trapped by reptile questions. Jason and Bill also highlight the challenges of working with nurse witnesses who, due to the circumstances of specific cases and the sympathy involved, may require emotional psychology training before testifying. They discuss the challenges of foreign-born healthcare professionals as witnesses and how to manage them, plus how things will change in jury selection and voir dire in light of Covid-19. And they conclude with their thoughts on the lack of development of younger defense attorneys and the importance of preparing them for litigating cases, especially with the plaintiff's bar so heavily investing in the development of their younger plaintiff attorneys.