Episode #52 - Mental health of witnesses

In this episode of The Litigation Psychology Podcast, Bill Kanasky, Ph.D. and Alyssa Parker, Ph.D. discuss the sensitive but hugely important topic of mental health. Mental health has always been a factor in litigation but since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, it has become broader and more critical, affecting an even larger percentage of the population. Dr. Kanasky and Dr. Parker talk about the challenges and stigma associated with mental health, the increase in mental health needs due to Covid-19, and the difficulty of accessing mental health treatment during the pandemic. They also share their expert insights on how mental health issues can impact witness testimony and case outcomes and the importance of fully evaluating the psyche of a witness with a trained mental health professional prior to preparing for deposition or trial. Also covered is the need for attorneys to explain the litigation process to witnesses, and how to manage the relationship with a witness before, during, and after their deposition.