Episode #58 - Zoom Trials

Guest: Defense attorney Heather Snider

Shareholder and defense attorney Heather Snider from Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney in Chicago joins the podcast and shares her experience with a recent 5-day Zoom bench trial, including what worked, what didn't, how technical issues and objections were handled, and more. Heather and Dr. Bill Kanasky also discuss the current and future state of virtual depositions, virtual witness trainings and possible virtual jury trials. They talk about the pending bill in Illinois that proposes starting pre-judgement interest of 9% from notice of injury and what the ramifications of that could be if signed into law. Lastly, Heather and Bill share their perspectives on Reptile theory, the increased aggressiveness of the plaintiff's bar, particularly Reptile attorneys, the importance and benefit of preparing witnesses proactively, especially 30(b)(6) witnesses for depositions and Heather shares her thoughts on the challenges of being a young, female defense attorney in today's world.