Episode #64: Intellectual Property Litigation

Guest: Jonathan Barbee - Counsel, MoloLamken

Jonathan Barbee, Attorney with MoloLamken LLP, talks with Dr. Steve Wood about IP litigation. Jonathan has broad Intellectual Property litigation experience working primarily on patent cases, but manages the litigation for trade secret and copyright cases as well. Jonathan and Steve discuss the approach to different types of Intellectual Property litigation and the additional challenges encountered in IP cases that go beyond other types of litigation.  Since there is often a lot for jurors to understand in IP cases and many times it involved relatively complicated technology, Jonathan talks about the value of leveraging mock trials to test how to get the information across to the jury in the best way possible and not confuse the jury or make them feel like you are insulting their intelligence. Lastly, Jonathan highlights the value of expert witnesses who are really good teachers and can empathize with the jury on how complicated the technology or IP might be, as well as the difference for him between being on the plaintiff side vs the defense side in IP litigation.