Episode #75: Frequently Asked Questions

A special episode for the 75th edition of The Litigation Psychology Podcast. Dr. Bill Kanasky answers questions that have come in from podcast viewers and listeners. The questions asked and answered:

  • Should I do my mock trial in the actual venue of the lawsuit?
  • How should I handle confidentiality and do you recommend using real names in the mock trial?
  • My witness is not responding back to me. What do I do?
  • I started my opening statement with the company commercial to humanize my client, but I got hit with a nuclear verdict. Why did my approach backfire?
  • My witness won't shut up during prep and is trying to win the case in the deposition - how do I stop this?
  • My witness speaks very little English - what is the best way to conduct witness prep with a translator?
  • Are jurors angry in the post-Covid era?
Watch this episode to hear Dr. Kanasky's answers to these questions. Have your own questions? Send them to bkanasky@courtroomsciences.com.