Episode #76: What Young Attorneys Need to Know

Guest: Punan Kaji, Assistant General Counsel - Ben E. Keith

Our guest for this episode of The Litigation Psychology Podcast is Punam Kaji, Assistant General Counsel for Ben E. Keith. Punam is focused on employment and litigation matters for the company and is the 2021 winner of the Outstanding Young Lawyer Award of Tarrant County (TX) Young Lawyers Association. She shares with Dr. Steve Wood some of her background as a young attorney and how her experience has benefited from working in a law firm as well as in-house.

Punam talks about how young attorneys can help their firm's litigators assess how strong their case is for trial, particularly by conducting witness interviews early in the case. Young attorneys can also gain great experience by helping to work up the details of a case. They can make themselves valuable in managing the case by knowing all of the details of the case, understanding the case inside and out and looking at the case from the opposing side's standpoint to bring that perspective to the trial team.

Punam also emphasizes the importance of young attorneys learning about the business of their clients, how they operate, their culture, vocabulary, etc. and how valuable that knowledge can be when working with their clients. Lastly, she shares her thoughts on how young attorneys can build a book of business and the importance of the critical step of asking for the work.