Episode #78: Trucking Defense Software

Guests: Steven Bryan & Doug Marcello, Bluewire

Steven Bryan, CEO and Doug Marcello, Chief Legal Officer, of Bluewire join the podcast to talk about their new company that uses software to help trucking companies identify reputational vulnerabilities in the defense of their litigation. Steven provides some background on how the company came about and their areas of focus. Bluewire has identified reputation as a key contributor to nuclear verdicts and Steven and Doug share how leveraging technology, data, and a network of experts helps give the trucking industry the tools to defend themselves against Reptile and nuclear verdicts. They also discuss the Motor Carrier Reputation Survey on their website and how trucking companies and insurance carriers can participate and benefit.  

Doug and Steve talk about the importance of information exchange and educational programs within their network of trucking companies and how addressing vulnerabilities ahead of time is useful for underwriters and excess carriers who are looking for ways to reduce their reputational risks in litigation. The group also highlights how this technology and data can help reduce nuclear settlements by resolving cases early through early identification of vulnerabilities.

Lastly, Steve, Doug, and Bill discuss the exposure created by internal company documentation about safety that paint trucking companies into a corner and how they would benefit immensely from a proactive review of all company materials to identify and address these vulnerabilities, which are potential attack opportunities for plaintiff attorneys.