Episode #83: Defending Trucking Cases

Guests: Attorneys Melissa Graves & Rick Joslin - Collins Einhorn Farrell

Defense attorneys Melissa Graves and Rick Joslin from Collins Einhorn Farrell join the podcast to talk with Dr. Steve Wood about trucking litigation. They discuss their approach to defending trucking cases by focusing on both the liability angle and damages. They talk about the importance of starting work on the case early with reviewing evidence and speaking to witnesses and emphasizing the criticality of an early start with their trucking clients and the insurance companies. Melissa and Rick share that the most difficult issue with defending trucking litigation cases is the scope of the damages, especially in fatalities or severe injury cases. The group also discuss how they handle negative perceptions of truck drivers and trucking companies by getting jurors to relate to the truck driver and humanizing them. Lastly, they talk about preparing witnesses for depositions, getting truck drivers prepared for Reptile questions, the benefits of videotaping the deposition practice & prep and how the perceptions of truck drivers and trucking industry can be bolstered by the role they played during the Coronavirus pandemic.