Episode #84 - "The Man in the Ditch"

Guest: Trucking Attorney Mike Bassett - The Bassett Law Firm

Mike Bassett, Senior Partner of The Bassett Law Firm, joins the podcast to talk about his new book "The Man in the Ditch". Mike shares with Dr. Bill Kanasky what "The Ditch" is and what inspired the book, which is described as a story about undeserved privilege, unlimited potential, hard work, and hustle. A story about self-inflicted wounds, hubris, insecurity, shame, and abandonment. Mike also talks about the challenges and emotions of being a trial attorney and the opportunities that come from failure. Bill and Mike share their perspectives on Millennial attorneys and the difference in their perspectives about failure when compared to older generations. Mike tells the story of failure behind the book and how although The Ditch is a place we don't wish to end up, how it can be an opportunity for us all.