Episode #91 - Bad Behavior and the Implications for Jury Selection

Steve Wood, Ph.D. & Bill Kanasky, Jr., Ph.D.

Dr. Steve Wood and Dr. Bill Kanasky, Jr. team up to talk about the increased incidents of aggressiveness and violence that we are witnessing on airplanes, at airports, sporting events, and more. Steve and Bill talk about what these fights and bad behavior mean for the jury pool since the people involved in these fights are jury eligible. They discuss the psychology behind this behavior and what they are seeing in mock trials in the behavior and decision making of mock jurors. They also talk about what attorneys need to be aware of during jury selection in terms of the mental health of jurors, as well as the emotional state of witnesses prior to their testimony at either deposition or trial. Steve and Bill share examples of what mistakes and assumptions defense attorneys are making about jurors and how those assumptions are hurting them in case outcomes. Lastly, they highlight the diversity of these ever-increasing examples of bad human behavior which cut across all races, genders, age groups, geographies, occupations, etc., creating even more of a need to do a proper, scientific assessment of witnesses and jurors in your litigation.