Episode #92 - Pre-Litigation Preparation and Double Anchoring

Dr. Bill Kanasky, Jr.

Dr. Bill Kanasky, Jr. describes pre-litigation preparation and talks about the importance of investing in these tools before clients are involved in litigation. Bill shares how more and more clients are proactively evaluating, assessing, and training potential corporate representatives and expert witnesses in advance of litigation. The 30(b)(6) witness is a really important role and making sure the best representatives are selected is critical. Potential corporate representative and PMK candidates are put through an advanced neurocognitive witness training and then tested with mock deposition questioning to help clients evaluate a witness' potential and opportunities to improve before they are called to testify at deposition. This pre-litigation training is being used for corporate representatives, safety directors, physicians, and others and helps them be confident and ready in advance of litigation. Dr. Kanasky also shares his insights on the concept of double anchoring. He describes the importance of conducting jury research to test admitting liability and alternate damages figures and attacking the plaintiff's number by presenting a reasonable counter amount. Testing different figures with multiple mock juries allows you to find a number that won't be perceived by the jury as low-balling and helps you develop a strategy for how to approach presenting alternate damages figure.