Benefits of CSI third-party record retrieval

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Everyone involved in litigation knows how critical third-party record retrieval is. However, securing medical, billing, court, employment, or any other type of record is a tedious, time-consuming task that can cause delays in the discovery process and frustrate even the most patient paralegal and attorney. For over a decade, law firms across the country have trusted CSI® to relieve the burden of third-party record retrieval.

The three most common benefits that clients cite about third-party record retrieval from CSI are efficiency, ease, and peace of mind. Once an order is received, our team quickly and efficiently drafts the subpoena or authorization to deliver to the custodian. Since we work with locations across the country on a daily basis, we often have all of the details necessary to quickly contact the custodian to deliver the subpoena or authorization in order to begin the record retrieval process. Our team has a specific process for custodian outreach with a focus on moving along any custodians who may be slow in providing their records. As records are received, they are reviewed and uploaded to our secure, HIPAA compliant portal for client access and review. 

Paralegal clients who have retrieved third-party records themselves in the past have commented about how it puts their mind at ease knowing that CSI can handle not only the drafting of the subpoenas and ensuring all rules of civil procedure are adhered to for different jurisdictions, but that our team will ensure that all available records are retrieved and reviewed so nothing is left out. Many paralegals have shared that being able to outsource third-party record retrieval to CSI removes a burden from their plate that allows them to focus on more value-added tasks for the attorneys they support. And knowing that CSI also has the expertise to domesticate subpoenas when that need arises is an added benefit as well. 

There is no question that third-party record retrieval is a crucial, but somewhat wearisome, activity. CSI has refined the process for third-party record retrieval and developed technology with CSI Cortex to help expedite that process, as well as provide greater insight and real-time updates to our clients. Our team is dedicated to helping every paralegal and attorney quickly and efficiently meet their litigation support needs so they can provide a superior level of service to their clients. CSI also provides court reporting and deposition scheduling services. Contact us today to discuss using CSI as a resource to deliver cost-effective, professional, and comprehensive third-party record retrieval for all of your cases. We’re ready to help!

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