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What can you do when everything is urgent and the demands on your time don’t allow you to produce everything you need to get done? There is an option to work more efficiently and get more done in less time: outsource to someone who gets it. 


Most days it’s a challenge just to keep up. And you don’t have time to find and vet a court reporter or worry about whether they are going to show up. You want the peace of mind that an experienced, qualified, personable and accurate court reporter is going to be where they are supposed to, when they are supposed to and will do what they are supposed to. Sounds simple enough, until it doesn’t happen. 


We’ve been there. We know what you are going through. At CSI, many of our litigation support staff have worked as paralegals and have had to deal with the frustration, confusion, hassle and headaches of incompetent or unresponsive third-party record retrieval or court reporting companies. So, we make it easy for you. Our staff will quickly and simply handle all of the logistics for your records request or court reporting needs. We provide regular updates to you on the status of your order and will only interrupt you for urgent matters. You can get more done and leave the heavy lifting to us. We’ve got you covered.

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