What to look for when selecting a jury consultant

CSI - Courtroom Sciences Inc.

The legal arena is filled with people calling themselves jury consultants so its challenging to know how to select one. In this video, Dr. Bill Kanasky provides guidance on what to look for when evaluating jury consultants and their backgrounds to get the results you desire. 



"In a jury consultant, it's very important to look for somebody that has a scientific background, someone who has a doctorate level degree in the social sciences, preferably psychology. That's very important because what we're doing is we're doing psychology, and so having a psychologist at the doctoral level that has the skills to assess things like cognition, emotion, and behavior, but then also has the skills to modify those things, that is very important particularly for witness training but also jury consulting.

Someone without those skills, you could tell someone to listen all day, but if you don't teach them how to listen the right way, the witness is going to fail. If you consider things like jury research, we're predicting human behavior, we're collecting data, we're analyzing data, we're building predictive models on how jurors are going to react to a case both on liability and damages. You must have somebody with a scientific background that's specially trained to get accurate answers in that area."

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