Derailing the Reptile Safety Rule Attack

A Neurocognitive Analysis and Solution

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The ultimate goal of the Reptile attorney is simple: create economic leverage. They have no interest in truth, justice, or even prestige in the courtroom. Rather, the Reptile attorney is only interested in fast cash. They strive to force clients to settle a case for far more than the realistic case value by manipulating the defendant witness into delivering damaging testimony. The economic impact of being “Reptiled” is staggering, resulting in millions of dollars of unnecessary payouts to undeserving plaintiffs and their attorneys. The plaintiff Reptile methodology is pure psychological warfare designed to attain the plaintiff attorney’s economic goals. As such, defense counsel and clients need to supplement their traditional witness preparation efforts with sophisticated psychological training to specifically derail the perilous Reptile attacks.

In this article understand:

  • Four psychological weapons used against defendants
  • Reptile safety and danger rule questions
  • Anatomy of the Reptile cross-examination method
  • Derailing the Reptile attack at deposition

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