Advantages of desktop videoconferencing for depositions

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Now that there is again a choice (in most cases) of conducting depositions in-person or remotely, how do you decide which approach is best? Although there are several factors to consider, you should know that CSI offers convenient and cost-effective desktop videoconferencing for depositions. Attorneys and paralegals across the country have been taking advantage of this simple to use technology to keep depositions on schedule and reduce or eliminate travel, saving time and money. Desktop videoconferencing allows you to conduct depositions right from your office or home, with your client conveniently located in your office or in their own home. 



§  Save time – Reduce or eliminate inefficient travel, while keeping your depositions on track

§  Save money – Reduce travel expenses for your client

§  Logistics are a snap – CSI Case Managers set up everything you need down to the last detail:

o   Our experienced court reporters provide an extra laptop with webcam and microphone for streaming the witness

o  Our Case Management team calls the location of the deposition to inquire about Wi-Fi availability and strength. If the Wi-Fi strength is questionable, we will ask the court reporter to supply a Wi-Fi hotspot.  A hotspot runs on mobile carriers such as AT&T or Verizon and supplies an excellent backup. Today’s 4G speeds can handle streaming audio and video.

o   Our Case Management team will also help you test from your own computer.  By clicking on this link you can test your computer’s capabilities.  One of our team members can join you on the test and converse with you to ensure audio and video quality. 



§  Go off the record – Simply mute your line and have a productive discussion with your co-counsel. No more scribbling notes to one another or finding a breakout room to have a sidebar.

§  Virtual exhibits – Take advantage of paperless technology to control exhibits and prevent opposing counsel and witnesses from viewing them ahead of time:

o   If you have pre-marked exhibits, our Case Management team can provide the electronic files to the court reporter who can display the exhibits on devices such as laptops or iPads.

o   Use exhibit technology, such as web-based Agile Law. Our court reporter, the witness, and opposing counsel receive the exhibits only when you reveal them. This happens during the deposition on their laptop or tablet in real time.


Desktop videoconferencing is a great solution to keep your litigation moving, while saving you time and saving your client money.  

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