Avoiding Nuclear Meltdown: How to Constrain Generous Juries

AM Best webinar

CSI - Courtroom Sciences Inc.

Headline verdict amounts continue to rise, dragging up settlement values and turning claims scenarios into high-stakes negotiations. AM Best has assembled a panel of insurance defense experts to help explain how new research and strategies are helping insurers and corporations to better assess, triage, and limit their litigation liabilities, and how to counter an increasingly better funded, coordinated and sophisticated plaintiff's bar.

Guests on the panel include: 

  • Dr. Steve Wood, Litigation Consultant, Courtroom Sciences, Inc.

  • Alan Russo, Partner, Russo & Gould LLP

  • Marie Castronuovo, Partner, Russo & Gould LLP

  • Dr. Alyssa Parker, Litigation Consultant, Courtroom Sciences, Inc.

In this webinar, the panel discuss the following topics:

  • What is the definition of a nuclear verdict? 


  • What trends are you seeing regarding damage awards?

  • What are some examples of these nuclear verdicts?

  • What does Courtroom Sciences' research show are the causes of nuclear verdicts? 

  • What are some common misconceptions of the causes of nuclear verdicts?

  • Does litigation funding impact nuclear verdicts?

  • How has social inflation impacted cases and settlements?

  • Why does it seem that verdict and settlement amounts are continually increasing? 

  • Are appellate courts doing anything to help reign in nuclear verdicts?

  • How can an insurer/defendant minimize the potential for a nuclear verdict at a trial?

  • What are the three most important things insurers can do to avoid nuclear verdicts? 

  • What’s your best advice for the insurance industry and/or defense counsel when it comes to nuclear verdicts and avoiding them?

  • How can the insurance defense industry combat aggressive plaintiff's bar tactics? 


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