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Julie Villafuerte - CSI Litigation Support

UPDATE: TX Supreme Court announces emergency order allowing anyone involved in a hearing, deposition, or other proceeding of any kind-including but not limited to a party, attorney, witness, or court reporter, but not including a juror - to participate remotely, such as by teleconferencing, videoconferencing, or other means. 

In the current climate, amidst concerns about novel coronavirus, many attorneys are turning to videoconferencing in lieu of face-to-face meetings for depositions. CSI offers desktop videoconferencing that will help you avoid unnecessary travel and contact during these uncertain times. The technology is efficient, cost effective, and allows you to keep your depositions on schedule with ease. Our Case Management team sets up everything you need down to the last detail, so that business may continue as usual. 


What if the technology doesn't work?

We occasionally hear from some lawyers and paralegals that have never used videoconferencing and are concerned about the reliability of the technology. The concern about reliability is valid but easily solvable, as the most common culprit is an internet connection. CSI takes specific steps to ensure success when you schedule your videoconference deposition:

·    Our experienced court reporters provide an extra laptop with webcam and microphone for streaming the witness.

·    Our Case Management team calls the location of the deposition to inquire about Wi-Fi availability and strength.  If the Wi-Fi strength is questionable, we will ask the court reporter to supply a Wi-Fi hotspot.  A hotspot runs on mobile carriers such as AT&T or Verizon and supplies an excellent backup. Today’s 4G speeds can handle streaming audio and video.

·   Our Case Management team will also help you test from your own computer.  By clicking on this link you can test your computer’s capabilities.  One of our team members can join you on the test and converse with you to ensure audio and video quality. 

Desktop videoconferencing will allow you to be much more efficient in the litigation process.  The attorneys and paralegals who use videoconferencing for their depositions are thrilled with the results and ease of use, plus the time and costs saved in travel. And if you are trying to limit personal contact during this pandemic, videoconferencing is a great solution. If you have any added concerns or questions about desktop videoconferencing, please call (877.784.0004 option #1) or email our Case Management team.  We would be happy to help you.  

We wish you and your loved ones continued good health.

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