CSI Litigation Consultant interviewed regarding Amber Guyger trial

NBC affiliate asks CSI to provide insight into jury deliberation

CSI - Courtroom Sciences Inc.

Sentencing phase

The jury has concluded the sentencing phase of the trial. Dr. Mary Noffsinger, Senior Litigation Consultant for CSI, speaks to DFW NBC5 about her insight into the jury decision making process:



Deliberation phase

Jury deliberations have concluded in the Amber Guyger murder trial in Dallas. During deliberations Dr. Mary Noffsinger, Senior Litigation Consultant for CSI, was interviewed by DFW's NBC5 for her insight into the deliberation process for the jury.


Jury selection phase

Prior to a jury being seated, Dr. Noffsinger was interviewed on her perspectives on the jury selection process for the Amber Guyger murder trial. News reports about the case and excerpts of Dr. Noffsinger’s interview can be seen in the clips below.



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