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Virtual options for depositions and witness trainings

CSI - Courtroom Sciences Inc.

The CDC is warning Americans to limit travel and in-person contact with others, however, there are still options for legal professionals who want to serve their clients. CSI offers multiple technology solutions to meet your needs without subjecting yourself, your clients, witnesses, and others to avoidable health risks.



Depositions can easily be conducted via desktop videoconferencing. CSI has spent years preparing for situations requiring a shift away from in-person depositions. As a result, CSI is an industry-leader in providing remote/video-conference deposition services and has the technology, people, processes, and capacity to conduct remote/video-conference depositions for your litigation practice. 

The CSI Case Management team coordinates all arrangements and details, so that law firms may continue business-as-usual.

CSI is experienced in using best-in-industry tools to minimize inconvenience and address any technology issues. The experienced case managers at CSI and the court reporters and videographers assigned to your remote/video-conference deposition follow established processes to ensure successful use of software, hardware, and services for audio and video streaming and paperless exhibit management. And our large labor force allows us to scale to cover all your remote deposition needs. 

To schedule remote/video-conference depositions, email or call the CSI Case Management team at (877) 784-0004 and select Option #1.


Witness Effectiveness Training

Did you know that CSI has been offering virtual Witness Effectiveness Training for years? Our  proven, virtual Witness Effectiveness Training program allows us to conduct remote witness trainings to keep your depositions and trial preparation on schedule. This web-based program can prepare witnesses for plaintiff Reptile attacks and prevent poor deposition testimony, which is the top cause of adverse trial verdicts with high damage awards. 

Our analysis of thousands of deposition transcripts reveals that 95% of damaging and/or ineffective testimony can be traced to two specific neuro-psychological errors: 1) cognitive processing errors and 2) emotional-survival response errors. CSI has constructed a sophisticated and tested neuro-psychological training program to prevent these errors from occurring, thus protecting your business from increased economic exposure and vulnerability. And we can deliver this training virtually. 

Contact us today to discuss any upcoming depositions and how we can ensure your witnesses are fully prepared, even if they are not able to travel. 


Corporate Representative Training

The decision on who are the best Corporate Representatives for your business is a critical one. The performance of your Corporate Representative during depositions and trial testimony can be the difference between a positive outcome and enormously negative results. But how can you know who makes the best Corporate Representative for your organization? With the CSI Corporate Representative Bootcamp, which can be conducted virtually.

The CSI Corporate Representative Bootcamp allows organizations to put single or multiple candidates through a customized training program and evaluate their ability to serve as a Corporate Representative. Our program uses scientifically based witness training protocols to specifically improve the testimony of fact or corporate witnesses. 

Clients who send their Corporate Representative candidates through our program have the confidence of knowing who their best Representatives are and that they are fully prepared before they are needed. This peace of mind has tremendous value when the stress of litigation strikes. 

Contact us today to discuss getting your Corporate Representative candidates evaluated and trained with our virtual training Bootcamp

Critical Communications

During these uncertain times, communicating with employees, clients, stakeholders, and the general public is paramount. CSI's Critical Communications team has extensive experience with defining, developing, refining, and distributing messaging to keep all parties informed and aligned. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you ensure that all your important constituents are aware of what matters most to them. 

Preventing Nuclear Settlements at Deposition

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