Updated guidance from the ABA on remote work

CSI - Courtroom Sciences Inc.

Recently, the American Bar Association shared new guidance for attorneys when working remotely. Coming nearly one year after the start of virtual work for most attorneys because of the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Formal Opinion 498 identifies some of the minimum requirements under ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and suggests several best practices to meet ethical obligations in a virtual setting. The new guidance serves as an essential reminder about the importance of necessary precautions to safeguard confidential case and client information, particularly when working remotely. This includes the importance of working with a third-party record retrieval vendor that is HIPAA compliant. CSI offers full HIPAA compliance via our secure online portal, CSI Cortex. 

CSI has years of experience retrieving third-party records and can handle all your client's needs. Our team has extensive experience drafting authorizations, subpoenas, and Depositions on Written Questions, domesticating subpoenas, and managing process service. We take care of all location and address confirmations and front all custodian fees. And our follow-up with custodians on records retrieval is unmatched. Law firms who use CSI for third-party record retrieval appreciate our personalized service and that they always deal with a real person for any orders or questions. Learn more. 

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