Leveraging technology to improve your deposition experience

Julie Villafuerte - CSI Global Deposition Services

It continues to amaze us that more attorneys do not use desktop videoconferencing to conduct their depositions. There is a wealth of advantages in doing so. Not only will you save your client thousands of dollars in travel costs, using desktop videoconferencing will give you your life back!  No more traveling 2 days for a 4-hour deposition. Imagine conducting your depositions from your own office. And going off the record is easy too. Simply mute your line and have a productive discussion with your co-counsel. No more scribbling notes to one another or finding a breakout room to have a quick sidebar.  

"What if the technology doesn't work?"

Despite the numerous cost and time advantages of desktop videoconferencing, many lawyers and paralegals are hesitant to utilize it. They often ask, “What if the technology doesn’t work?” That fear leads them to instead choose to attend a deposition in person – which costs time and money - or at a videoconference facility and pay up to triple the cost of desktop videoconferencing. The concern about the dependability of the technology is valid but solvable.  The most common culprit for technical issues with desktop videoconferencing is an internet connection. Our team takes steps to ensure success when you schedule your desktop videoconference deposition.  

     §  Our experienced court reporters provide an extra laptop with webcam and microphone for streaming the witness

     §  Our Case Management team calls the location of the deposition to inquire about Wi-Fi availability and strength. If the Wi-Fi strength is questionable, we will ask the court reporter to provide a Wi-Fi hotspot. A hotspot runs on mobile carriers such as AT&T or Verizon and    provides an excellent backup. Today’s 4G speeds can easily handle streaming audio and video.

§  Our Case Management team will also help you test from your own computer. Our Case Management team will also help you test from your own computer. By clicking on this link: https://zoom.us/test you can test your computer's capabilities. One of our team members can even join you on the test and converse with you to ensure audio and video quality. 


"How can we handle exhibits virtually?"

Another concern we hear expressed about desktop videoconferencing is how exhibits are handled in a videoconference. Attorneys need to control the exhibits and prevent opposing counsel and witness from viewing them ahead of time. There is a simple solution to this issue - go paperless.  

§  If you have pre-marked exhibits, our Case Management team can provide the electronic files to the court reporter who can display the exhibits on devices such as laptops or iPads.  

     §  Use exhibit technology, such as web based AgileLaw. Our court reporter, the witness, and opposing counsel receive the exhibits only when you reveal them. This happens during the deposition on their laptop or tablet in real time. Our Case Management team would be happy to set up a demonstration for you.  

     §  If you prefer printed exhibits onsite, our Case Management team will ensure the court reporter brings the printed exhibits to the deposition to distribute as you instruct. 

Desktop videoconferencing will allow you to be much more efficient in the litigation process. If you have any additional questions or concerns about desktop videoconferencing, please call or email our Case Management team. We would be happy to assist you. 

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