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The Litigation Psychology Podcast - Episode 21

Are teachers and nurses always risky for the defense?

Lorie Sicafuse, Ph.D. - Litigation Psychology
May 2020 — 1678 views Anti-reptile COVID-19 Exploratory research Jurors Jury consulting Litigation psychology Trial consulting

Transportation and trucking litigation

The Litigation Psychology Podcast - Episode 6

Lessons for corporations involved in litigation

Earn CLE and gain insights

Myth #3: Litigation research is only for high exposure cases

Steve Wood, Ph.D. - Litigation Psychology
February 2020 — 2118 views Exploratory research Litigation psychology Research Trial consulting Witness training

The value of science in litigation consulting

Understanding the litigation consulting industry

The importance of attorney credibility

Steve Wood, Ph.D. - CSI Litigation Psychology
November 2019 — 2614 views Jurors Litigation psychology Presentations Research Trial consulting

Understanding the different types of litigation research

Audio-Visual Nightmares at Trial: How to Avoid Losing Your Audience

CSI - Courtroom Sciences Inc
September 2018 — 2960 views Communications Litigation psychology Mock trials Presentations Trial consulting